1. Backup is a critical business system. Have the right backup solution in place can keep your business running when a disaster strikes. Here are five quick tips.
  2. Offsite backup is just as important as onsite backups. Make sure the vendor you chose for backing up your data also backs up your data to the cloud.
  3. Backup your data multiple times a day. Hourly backups are ideal.
  4. Make sure your backups are encrypted. If your systems are beached by a malware attack the malware may be able to access your backups rendering them useless. Adding a layer of encryption to backs can help remedy this issue.
  5. Constant verification of backups. Backups are only good if they are verified successful. If backups are not being monitored, they may not always be successful even if the backup completes successfully.
  6. The ability to restore. If your system is compromised having a way to recover to a destination local to your office will ensure that the recovery process is successful and your company is able to get back to business as usual.