After working with many types of small-medium size businesses (SMBs), we often receive similar questions and concerns. Here are a few that may help you decide if our managed IT services are right for you.
We perform regularly scheduled, seamless, automated back-ups onsite and in the cloud. You won’t even know it’s happening. We can additionally create snapshots, allowing you to go back in time to find any data you may need to restore.
Yes! We have weekly, very often, same-day, boots on the ground service in all of our Northern California locations. For locations beyond Northern California, we have technical partnerships for emergency tech support if/when required.
In most cases, the only new hardware required is a firewall for your network. Beyond that, we are technology agnostic. We will protect whatever devices and info systems you require to run your business. We are however Microsoft certified, and can recommend a comprehensive software solution as needed.

For email security in particular, we recommend and use the full Microsoft 365 suite, in combination with a set of third party services to ensure emails are encrypted and not breeched while in transit and resting, as well as anti-phishing and spam protection.
A remotely managed firewall is a critical component of our service. We can only offer a stellar service, utilizing top-tier firewall hardware and sopftware which is compatible with our management system and protocols. If protecting your network is important, using the best firewall is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
All existing clients under service agreements receive same-day (6hr) response times (M-F 10am-4pm PST) in our NorCal region. All other regions are 24-48hrs (M-F). Due to our proactive, remote-management technology, we are usually able to respond to emergencies within 2hrs and resolve them on the spot, without requiring any on-site tech support.

Check out our Premier Management Support Plan below.

Premier Management Support Plan (for Dentists):

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