1. Messy cables can lead to a poor connection to vital network resources. Computer’s need a solid connection to printer, USB devices and the internet in order to function correctly. Messy cables can be easy to kick loose by accident which could bring down core network components.
  2. Messy cables and equipment show the level of workmanship and attention to detail both physically and virtually. Loose cables can be a sign of poor IT hygiene and network security.
  3. Unused or old cables tied up in the rat’s nest of cables under your desk? If there are still old cables that are not being used, they may accidentally get plugged in. This could cause a short or bring the entire network down and cause potential hours of down time.
  4. Low quality cables may be used and left under the desk. When low quality cables are used you run the risk of having your equipment not running at its full potential. Low quality cables may advertise that they run at a certain speed but, in actuality they will run as slower speeds which can be a bottleneck in your network.
  5. Poor cable management can set the tone of your office for your clients or customer. Exposed cables and messy wires may show that you treat your customers the way you treat your own office equipment.