In this new age of constant cyber-attacks, it is important that your office takes the necessary steps to protect your business from these cybercrimes. Some tips on what you can implement in your office to safe guard your data are:

  1. Implement two factor authentication (2FA) on all your business applications such as Microsoft and Google. A good tool to look at is DUO. Duo can be used for a wide range of programs as a two-factor authenticator.
  2. Have your IT provider implement a ransomware detection and remediation software program to your systems. Huntress prevents ransomware by using several lines of defense to actively scan your system from malicious footholds.
  3. Multiple lines of defense. It is good idea to have multiple lines of defense to protect your network such as, a UTM firewall, strong anti-virus, hourly encrypted backups and a ransomware prevention tool. The more layers of defense you have the better.
  4. Configuration of business and network equipment. It is not enough to have these tools in place. Firewalls, anti-virus and other protection systems are only as good as the configurations that are implemented with them. Having an expert constantly reviewing these systems is extremely important to make sure they are working to the best of their ability.
  5. Updates. Just like Windows computer need Microsoft updates, firewalls, ant-virus and other tools need updates as well. Making sure your firewalls and defense programs are update to date is equally as important. Make sure your IT service provide is updating your defense systems.