83% of SMBs have at least THREE medium to high threat risks to their network. Are you aware of yours?

*Cybersecurity platform provider CyberCatch found that “more than 30% of U.S. small businesses have weak points that hackers can exploit, and small businesses are especially vulnerable to being exploited by ransomware and other attacks. Source: Forbes.com – Barracuda Networks Report.

Paradigm will perform a complimentary on-site network analysis and cyber security / vulnerability test of your network and data storage systems.


We guarantee that you will love the level of detail, attention, knowledge and support you receive from us. We become an extension of your business. We are here to help you focus on your business not your technology. We will do whatever it takes to help your business be successful in your industry and make technology a tool that helps your business run smoothly not hinder it. Try our services for a full month and receive a full refund, less onboarding expenses, if you don’t find the value of our service.

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